Give thanks— To the Lenape Indians who loaned the island of Manhattan to the Dutch for twenty-four dollars worth of trinkets, and never got back their land or earned a penny of its wealth, which only keeps growing, higher than the island’s skyscrapers, and still belonging to the white man. Give thanks— To the thousands of women, men, and children who gave their lives so … Continue reading Thanksgiving

Dear Me

Dear me, yesterday: A student will say something that will burn more than a slap across the face when what you’re expecting is a hug. Don’t let her words cut you; she intends nothing but relief from her own wounds. Dear me, fifteen years ago: You will be loved, although you’ll continue to struggle with loving yourself. Believe it. Claim it. Hold onto it, even … Continue reading Dear Me

First Kiss

Today, in school, you kissed a boy, and held his hand, another moment in this place, where you live a life that is your own, away from my gaze and counsel, existing in my own imagination, like a mosaic inside a kaleidoscope, always shifting, always changing too quickly, as fragmented and hurried as the stories you share about your days, and ones I hear from … Continue reading First Kiss

The Other Mother

Another woman birthed a child, and I became a mother, and it doesn’t matter why she couldn’t keep him, or why I didn’t birth a child myself because all there is to know is that this woman’s greatest loss gave me the gift of motherhood, unmatched in grace and beauty, and for which there simply is no way to thank this woman, without whom I … Continue reading The Other Mother