How Many Stories Can a Simple Question Birth?

What are some things you’d like me to know about you, as your teacher? Think of what might help me better understand you, better serve your needs. Some begin writing right away on slips of paper I’ve given them. #IWishMyTeacherKnew, it reads on one side. The kids who aren’t writing yet stare at these words, probably wondering what of the many things that make them … Continue reading How Many Stories Can a Simple Question Birth?

What Riches Matter

We don’t have much by way of things and space. Our rooms are small; Our neighborhood is modest. We don’t buy things that we don’t need, even if we deserve them, and even if we wanted to, we probably couldn’t afford an iPad for each kid, at least not yet. It’s good they don’t mind sharing. We don’t have golden spoons, or china so exquisite … Continue reading What Riches Matter

My Grandmother’s Recipe for Blinchiki (Crepes)

Ouff, I really can’t say how much of anything I never measure Everything I do is by smell and taste You’ll know when it’s enough You’ll feel the lumps Can’t tell how much milk to stir in How many minutes to bake You’ll know when it’s enough You’ll see the crust golden But don’t let it brown too much It’ll dry the blinchik Here, sit … Continue reading My Grandmother’s Recipe for Blinchiki (Crepes)

For Alma, on Her Birthday

I discovered in New York, when someone my grandmother once befriended without speaking a word of English, while we strolled up and down Broadway, which we had seen in films, longed for, like it was the home we’d never seen, and where we now lived, four of us in a one bedroom flat, was that Alma meant soul in Spanish. My grandmother’s name told of … Continue reading For Alma, on Her Birthday

All the Lonely Children

Somewhere– perhaps just around the corner from where I sit right now, there is a child, who’s injured, frightened, all alone. Or worse yet, still in the captivity of someone, to whom her life matters nothing. Somewhere– most likely not too far from where I write this labored verse, there is a girl, who’s being forced to be a woman, serve the people whose very … Continue reading All the Lonely Children

When People Rise

There is a weariness that Comes with hopelessness and hunger It descends like a night with No end in sight And takes over Everything Becomes too heavy a load Unbearable to carry any longer More and more people Become unwilling to stay silent Begin to gather Share books and thoughts about How to find a way to breathe again Be free again Or finally It … Continue reading When People Rise

A Woman’s Might

Women have fought men For as long as we have been on Earth For their disdainful treatment, and Their dismissal of our worth For raping us Our mothers Friends, and Daughters For leaving children before they’ve Learned to say father For touching us When we’d rather not be touched For assuming we want their Whistles and whispers For taking things that belong to us Our … Continue reading A Woman’s Might