Thank You for Marching

Gave this letter and a couple of photographs to every student who came to the Climate March.

Dear            :

310,000 people joined the People’s Climate March last Sunday. You were there. We were there as a community, a family. What an unforgettable day it was.

Thank you for caring about our planet and the wellbeing of all living things. Thank you for waking up early on a Sunday morning, canceling dates and switching shifts at work to be there. Thank you for taking turns carrying the banner, sharing snacks and water, and being so brotherly and sisterly to each other and to my son. He will never forget this day because you made it memorable for him. You showed him what it means to be bold, to stand up for what is right, and to sing and chant from the heart. Thank you for this, also.

Nothing is more beautiful than when you choose to open up and share yourselves, when you allow yourselves to feel the goodness and power within you. Many times during the day, I caught glimpses of you smiling, teasing each other, getting especially excited about a chant or banner, talking to reporters and fellow marchers. You were kind, generous, and articulate. Every moment, I was filled with pride—knowing each one of you is a true honor. The Climate March was a magical experience for me, and this is because I got to share it with you.

Someday, we will reflect back on the day when the people of our great city had held the largest march of our time for environmental justice. In whatever shape our planet is then, we will know that we had come out, we had walked, and we had made our voices heard. Isn’t that something?

Big love,


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