His Brother’s Keeper


So, I take Daniel to camp today and feel off all day because he wasn’t too thrilled about it last night, and what if he’s not having a good day? I come in at the end of the day, and the kids are sitting in a circle, engaged in some activity. There is a boy of about 6-7 years old sitting in Daniel’s lap. He gives Daniel a big hug before we leave.

Me: How was your day, Daniel?

D: It was really good. There was this little kid. Did you see him? Yea, the one that was sitting in my lap. So, like, I took care of him all day because he was getting in trouble all the time, and, like, he was really excited from everything. Except zumba. When we started doing zumba, he was, like, more relaxed for some reason. His parents should know that zumba calms him down. So his brother was there, too, but he’s older, and he was really mean to his brother. He kept telling his brother that he was going to tell on him to their dad. And first of all, every time he did that, that little kid freaked out even more because, you know, maybe he was thinking, like, his dad was not gonna let him watch TV and send him to his room. So he kept getting angrier and angrier, and his brother wouldn’t stop, so I went to him and said, you shouldn’t do that, you know, because you’re scaring him. And then when we went to the park, this little kid came to me and asked me if he could hold my hand, and then after that, he was holding my hand and asking to sit in my lap all day. So basically, today my job was to be, like, this kid’s helper.

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