All the Lonely People

People talk about single parents, wonder what it must be like to be alone responsible for molding a life, how it must feel to be the lone recipient of all the joy and the lone bearer of every scar and heartache. People will always talk about single parents, sometimes to praise, sometimes to spew rancid judgment. Some call single parents heroes, shaking their heads, in awe of the discipline, commitment, and patience it takes to pilot alone the vessel that carries a child through life’s turbulences. As long as a mother goes to school while raising a child alone, as long as a father works two jobs to give his child the life he never had, let’s talk about single parents.

My mother navigated the skies alone. I should know the true heroism of a single parent. I say, hats off. I say, let’s ask what it’s like, let’s offer help. After all, the greatest gift my own mother ever gave me is this village an army strong. Let’s build a village around every single parent.

But who will speak of the only child?

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