A Little Truth

Me: And then he fell into the pot of boiling water. Wow, that’s actually pretty violent.
I: What’s violent?
Me: Cruel, horrible.
I: Well, when someone evil is trying to destroy you, you have to fight back and destroy them.
Me: Um, well, yes, you should always defend yourself, but you know what Gandhi said?
I: Who’s Gandhi?
Me: He was an Indian man who fought for equality and fairness.
I: So he’s dead?
Me: Yes, he died a long time ago.
I: Oh, no.
Me: He said, “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”
I: Ouch! That’s terrible! We would all be bumping into each other everywhere.
Me: Well, it’s not actually about eyes.
I: Then what does it mean?
Me: It means if we hurt everyone who hurts us, everybody will be hurting.
I: That wouldn’t be good.

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