Manifesto of Motherhood

We, mothers of Black boys,
Stand together
In defense of a simple but profound truth

We have come together
To remind the world that
Our black sons matter
Never mind that this should be
A matter of fact
We don’t mind saying
Our sons’ lives matter
As many times as it takes
For this truth to be heard

Black, White, Asian, Latina
Immigrant and American born
Adoptive and birth mothers
Parenting alone or with partners
Of different faiths and walks of life
All facing a common threat
That our sons’ lives might not matter
That they might be taken from us
And so we stand together
In a fight for the rights of our sons

To live
To thrive
To achieve
To be treated with dignity
Never to be assumed
To be anything other than good and worthy

Our own differences are real
We have already begun to
Reveal our struggles with our own identities
Explore our relationships
To history
To each other
To our common cause

Never having spoken
About race
About motherhood
About our fears and hopes
Delving into dangerously hot, turbulent waters
With the shared goal of lifting up our sons
So they can breathe
Be free
So they can live

Without fear
There is no progress
It is fear that has brought us together
It is fear that keeps us talking
It is fear that has allowed us to open our lives
To each other
Despite our otherness
Our differences

Who understands better
The necessity of a conversation on race
Who better than us to begin
To speak
To share
To bridge
To learn
Despite all fear

True warriors brave all fear
In search of truth
In protest of oppression

We will weather all storms
Some will leave our ranks
Because talking about race
Shatters all myths
Destroys all the barricades we have erected
To defend ourselves
From the blows of history

But our numbers continue to grow
And we stand arm in arm
In the name of
And our sons’ right to
Pursue happiness

We, mothers of Black boys,
Stand together
In defense of a simple but profound truth
That the lives of our Black sons matter

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