What’s the Point?

He says he’s not gonna do it. He says he doesn’t feel like it.

Excuse me?

3. He says he’s missed too many classes without an excuse, and he’s not getting credit for the class anyway. So what’s the point of writing this essay?

Excuse me?

2. He says he doesn’t want to try and get it done because it’s too late. He doesn’t wanna waste his time. What’s the point?

Excuse me?

1. He says he’s tired of me bothering him. Why I gotta be on him all the time? He says I should stop worrying about him and worry about someone else. ‘Cause what’s the point?

Oh, hell, no.

Can I speak now?

I’m not asking him if I may. I’m telling him I’m about to.

I say:

1. I’m on you because I know you have it in you, and I’m gonna stay on you until you start working. The day I’m not on you, you know I stopped believing in you. Also, I’m assuming that when you woke up this morning and made it to school in the rain, you might have been thinking it’s a new day, a chance to start over. So I’m trying to give you the chance you woke up hoping for.

2. When you’re reading and writing, when you’re making your mind weave words onto paper, when you’re asking questions, seeking meaning, grappling with how to best express your thoughts, wasting time is an oxymoron. Who remembers what an oxymoron is? That’s right. Thank you. Time can’t be spent better than discovering just how much you can do.

3. Stop saying you missed all those classes without an excuse. Let’s talk and figure out what the excuse is, and why you keep giving it to yourself, like a free pass out of empowerment. And if it’s because times have been hard for the family, or because mom’s not been well, or because the new shelter isn’t giving you a room of your own, or because your boo left you with a broken heart, talk to me. So I can help you stop excusing yourself from being powerful.

Oh, and: You. You are the point.

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