Women Rising

When women unite, we part seas and move mountains.

When women stand together, even the wealthiest of men in the world can’t afford to build a mightier wall.

When women’s voices rise in a collective roar, the only way to survive our fierceness is to agree to listen.

Women have always come together in the face of destruction. But the tsunamis, earthquakes, and tyrants that have come before, have always met local, isolated resistance and revival.

On the day after the inauguration of the forty-fifth American president, an estimated two and a half million women and our allies marched on every continent.

The world, with all its glorious history of uprisings, revolutions, and rebellions, has never seen a global rise of women to power.

This is the dawn of a worldwide women’s revolution. And we wage it in the name of all children, no matter the years they’ve walked the Earth. We are here to (re)claim our bodies, our cities and villages, and our planet.

So, may this day be remembered not for the millions who stood up, but for the movement it birthed to right the wrongs that were threatening the integrity of our country, and of the planet.

May this day go down in history not only as the largest people’s protest in American and global history, but as the day America began to act on the ideal that every human life deserves to be treated with dignity.

The most colossal mistake the man in the White House has made and will continue to make by assaulting each LGBTQ, Muslim, woman, Mexican, student, immigrant, veteran, poor and sick, refugee, girl, person of color, teacher, disabled person in this country, is to offend all the women who have given them life.

This offense has united us across faiths, generations, languages, skin colors, lifestyles, economic wellbeing, and educational background. We are here to hold the administration accountable for every action that has impact on any one of our country’s children.

There is no power in the world greater than the collective intelligence, compassion, and fierceness of united women.

So, here’s a word of explicit advice for the man in the White House, in case he has trouble reading between the lines:

Don’t for one day, in the short reign that lies ahead, underestimate the power of the collective nastiness of millions of nasty women, who have gathered at the threshold to take back the people’s house.

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