May It Be So

May a fierce lesbian poet I love 
Speak words of resistance
Loudly enough to usher in
Another life for my rebel spirit 

May there be drums and doodook
To summon ancestors 
To honor ancient wisdoms
Of departing

May there be ackee and dolma
And Belgian chocolate ice cream 
My husband knows just the one

May there be music 
Nina Simone 
Her rebel songs 
Marvin Gaye
MJ and Prince
From my other worlds
Beres Hammond and Aram Asatryan

May there be fountains of rum and vodka
And sweet white wine 
Ripe mangoes, sweetsop, and sweet shoojookh
Rose petal jam
And my grandmother’s walnut cookies

May the tables be heavy
Under the weight of many trays, jugs, and bowls
Full of flavors and scents from all the worlds 
That made me who I was 
This time around
In this lifetime

May there be many eye rolls 
Perhaps a sarcasm face off 
Or a contest of witty jokes
Sprinkled with all the curse words 
I’d loved in all my tongues

May there be toasts 
To all the ways we’d loved
And all the roads we’d traveled 

May there be silence 
For a moment
Here and there 
With whatever it might bring forth 
Perhaps a slight but tangible whiff
From wherever I will then reside 
For those who are open
To embrace someone who is no longer flesh

May my husband make it through the night 
As he had loved me
As I had always known 
That there will be love for us yet
In lives to come

May there be long embraces
That seek to give, not comfort 
Because the only thing that truly soothes a wounded soul is love
And love is found in long embraces 

May there be qocharee
And island dancing 
Late into the night 

May my children forget their grief
In song and dance 
And sweet remembrance
Surrounded by the village their mother had lived to build 
For them
For just this day 

May someone at some point bring out a guitar
When most have left
Perhaps to mourn in solitude 
Perhaps to meet another friend for drinks 
But others yet need more remembering
And so need more to drink

May there be ganja then
Rolled and passed
Around a circle 
For those who’ve stayed behind

May there be a toast
Here and there
And may slowly those said in remembrance 
Become replaced by ones
That speak of journeys yet to come
Of hope and aspirations 
For all the days yet to be lived
By those I’ve left behind 

Should I die young
Or old
May it be so

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