A Mother’s Plea

No, my son isn’t lucky
There’s no fortune in losing one’s mother and father
Sisters, brothers, neighbors
Grandmothers, grandfathers
Cousins, uncles, and aunts
This is the village he had to lose
To be my son

No, I didn’t give him a life
He already had one
He was a soul on a journey
The next leg of which required me
To conduct the train
His to disembark
When the time comes
For his soul to answer another call

No, I am not a wonderful mother
Because I adopted a child
Adoption isn’t parenting
The latter having nothing at all to do
With the inception of any motherhood

No, I didn’t adopt my son
Because my heart is big or golden
I made him mine by law
Because the Universe injected me
With a certainty I’d never known
And there was nothing for me to do
But obey Her call
The pealing was unbearable

Yes, I have known my son
In lives before
Have loved him
Will love him still
When this one is behind

Perhaps we will forever be born of suffering
My son and I
Perhaps our story will always be
That we come together
To save and heal each other
To offer each other’s soul redemption

I pray that it is so
Each time we find ourselves on Earth
It is because of him that I am
Aware there’s a soul within

But perhaps in the next life
His suffering will be more bearable
His soul more possible to heal
For what am I his mother?

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