Survival Guide for Teachers, Part One

You already know you’re not going to eat lunch or pee more than once, so do yourself a favor, and start your day with a hearty breakfast, and a big glass of water you can shed before your first class. Save the other seven glasses you’re supposed to drink for when you’re home, and stock your fridge and cabinets with foods that contain protein because … Continue reading Survival Guide for Teachers, Part One

Survival Tips for My Son

I say to my son– If a cop ever stops you, don’t argue, don’t try to reason, don’t contradict. Do nothing. Say nothing, except that you have the right to have your parents present. I tell him– Don’t run. Never run. Don’t reach into your pockets. Don’t try to explain you haven’t done anything wrong. (Knowing my son, that won’t be why they’ll ever stop … Continue reading Survival Tips for My Son

The Better Question

Been asking myself this question women have tackled for generations before me, always and everywhere– how do I protect my daughter? Since the thing from which I most feel the need to shield my little girl, the woman she will grow to be aren’t hurricanes, bullets, or fires, I demand an answer to this question– how much longer will men be the thing that most … Continue reading The Better Question

To All the Women Who Give My Daughter What I Can’t

This one’s for my sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, with any luck, so many we lose count, who make up the village that’s helping raise my girl, will go on raising her and hers, long after I have left her. Thank you– for everything you do, everything you give my daughter. Thank you, especially– for giving her what I can’t. For, what is more agonizing for … Continue reading To All the Women Who Give My Daughter What I Can’t

Me, Too

It’s a Monday afternoon, in the exact middle of October, when the virtual world is suddenly filled with two words, as cold and searing as a Samurai blade– Me, too. Have always counted it among my greatest fortunes to have never been raped, taken aback, each time such thoughts enter me– by the idea that a woman should be thankful to have been spared having … Continue reading Me, Too