Love Note to New York

To love something more than I love this city would mean to break into more pieces than there are train stops, spices, and bodegas from Brooklyn to the Bronx, languages and faiths in Queens, lovers and dreamers in Manhattan. The only thing that can break you into so many pieces and still keep you whole is home, and because home is where we learn to … Continue reading Love Note to New York

To Keep Them Whole

A mother must know when her child is trying to survive. This isn’t the same as when a child struggles, pushes boundaries, rages through growing pains. When a child is trying to survive, a mother must know that to stay still and silent is to do nothing by way of helping her child remain whole, after all, this is what survival is. The very thing … Continue reading To Keep Them Whole


She says he left her for another girl, won’t answer her calls and texts, told her not to bother him, that there is nothing to talk about; he just doesn’t love her anymore. She hasn’t eaten or slept since Friday night, she says, hasn’t stopped crying, can barely speak through all the sobbing now, five days after he left her for another girl. I want … Continue reading Perspective


When someone tells you they can’t breathe, believe them. Don’t seek to question, pity, advise, or understand. Do only what they need from you to catch their breath. Sometimes, it will be silence; sometimes, a still, quiet corner; sometimes, the most sincere embrace that you can muster. Whatever the need of someone before you gasping for air, breath is life, and returning someone to life … Continue reading Breath