Mommy, Is Hate a Bad Word?

I became a mother accidentally. I had decided at some point in my turbulent twenties that I would not birth children, for fear that they would be too much like me. Nor had I ever planned to adopt. Children would be incompatible with the life of travel and abandon which I had dreamed up for myself for as long as I could remember, and which … Continue reading Mommy, Is Hate a Bad Word?

The Urgency of Now

I want to write about the ban, about Bannon, about all the ways we’ve fought in just these two short weeks. I want to write a whole piece just about the drums and chanting at the march from Battery Park to Foley Square the other afternoon that lasted into the night. The crowd had again far exceeded the expectations of the organizers and the police. … Continue reading The Urgency of Now

I Am an American

I am an American. Because when the principal told me to take off my earrings and stop using the yellow ruled paper, I told her I wouldn’t. Because I was free. I told her what difference did it make the color of the paper on which I was writing compositions and formulas that were earning me excellent marks. I liked the yellow paper, and the … Continue reading I Am an American

Women Rising

When women unite, we part seas and move mountains. When women stand together, even the wealthiest of men in the world can’t afford to build a mightier wall. When women’s voices rise in a collective roar, the only way to survive our fierceness is to agree to listen. Women have always come together in the face of destruction. But the tsunamis, earthquakes, and tyrants that … Continue reading Women Rising

The People’s Inaugural Address

My friend and I have now given up on the ridiculous idea that we might find each other in a crowd of twenty-five thousand. I am only a few blocks away from the stage from which Michael Moore, Rosie Perez, Mayor De Blasio, Robert De Niro, Reverend Al Sharpton, Natalie Merchant, Mark Ruffalo, Alec Baldwin, Melissa Mark-Veverito, Sally Field, Cynthia Nixon, and others are addressing … Continue reading The People’s Inaugural Address

What’s the Point?

He says he’s not gonna do it. He says he doesn’t feel like it. Excuse me? 3. He says he’s missed too many classes without an excuse, and he’s not getting credit for the class anyway. So what’s the point of writing this essay? Excuse me? 2. He says he doesn’t want to try and get it done because it’s too late. He doesn’t wanna … Continue reading What’s the Point?

Roads Untraveled Can’t Be Taught

The boy says her train can’t get through, and my five-year-old daughter’s immediate and emphatic response is: “You just don’t want black people’s trains to pass.” It turns out the boy had only meant to say he wasn’t ready yet; he had needed more time to lay the tracks. Later, the teacher asks my husband whether our daughter is happy at the school, where she … Continue reading Roads Untraveled Can’t Be Taught

Resistance Anthem

May everything I write this year be an act of rebellion. May my pen draw its ink from an ocean rising in fierce waves of collective resistance. May these waves come crashing down on everything and anything that threatens peace and justice. May we all roar until our voices come together into waves so fierce that they will sweep bigotry and tyranny out of all … Continue reading Resistance Anthem