Test Prep Blues

What good is a test if it doesn’t measure a child’s fluency in empathy, doesn’t create opportunity for a child to imagine solutions outside the box, doesn’t make a child want to read because what’s on the page isn’t riveting, essential to their understanding of themselves, other people, places in the world they’ll never see and only know from awkward phrases in textbooks written by … Continue reading Test Prep Blues


Give thanks— To the Lenape Indians who loaned the island of Manhattan to the Dutch for twenty-four dollars worth of trinkets, and never got back their land or earned a penny of its wealth, which only keeps growing, higher than the island’s skyscrapers, and still belonging to the white man. Give thanks— To the thousands of women, men, and children who gave their lives so … Continue reading Thanksgiving

By Invitation Only

My daughter’s body isn’t a battlefield for you to wage wars on, cover with wounds and blood, destroy, and pillage. My daughter’s body isn’t a play space for you to take her on roller coaster rides intended to amuse and entertain you. My daughter’s body isn’t made for you to hiss at, whistle at, talk about, mock, take, reach for. Unless her words— you hear … Continue reading By Invitation Only

Survival Tips for My Son

I say to my son– If a cop ever stops you, don’t argue, don’t try to reason, don’t contradict. Do nothing. Say nothing, except that you have the right to have your parents present. I tell him– Don’t run. Never run. Don’t reach into your pockets. Don’t try to explain you haven’t done anything wrong. (Knowing my son, that won’t be why they’ll ever stop … Continue reading Survival Tips for My Son

The Better Question

Been asking myself this question women have tackled for generations before me, always and everywhere– how do I protect my daughter? Since the thing from which I most feel the need to shield my little girl, the woman she will grow to be aren’t hurricanes, bullets, or fires, I demand an answer to this question– how much longer will men be the thing that most … Continue reading The Better Question

Me, Too

It’s a Monday afternoon, in the exact middle of October, when the virtual world is suddenly filled with two words, as cold and searing as a Samurai blade– Me, too. Have always counted it among my greatest fortunes to have never been raped, taken aback, each time such thoughts enter me– by the idea that a woman should be thankful to have been spared having … Continue reading Me, Too

Stand Up! Fight Back!

America has long mastered oppression, subjugation– the art of war on her minorities, waged through conquest, slavery, rape, lynchings, segregation, mass incarceration, the too many weapons wielded against those too vulnerable, too inadequately armed to counter such tactics of systematic torture and annihilation, the likes of which are hard to find outside the borders of America, the land of the free. But worst of all … Continue reading Stand Up! Fight Back!