Me, Too

It’s a Monday afternoon, in the exact middle of October, when the virtual world is suddenly filled with two words, as cold and searing as a Samurai blade– Me, too. Have always counted it among my greatest fortunes to have never been raped, taken aback, each time such thoughts enter me– by the idea that a woman should be thankful to have been spared having … Continue reading Me, Too

Stand Up! Fight Back!

America has long mastered oppression, subjugation– the art of war on her minorities, waged through conquest, slavery, rape, lynchings, segregation, mass incarceration, the too many weapons wielded against those too vulnerable, too inadequately armed to counter such tactics of systematic torture and annihilation, the likes of which are hard to find outside the borders of America, the land of the free. But worst of all … Continue reading Stand Up! Fight Back!

Proper English

People always be telling me to speak proper English. Yo, yasss! That shit get me tight! I ain’t about to talk like some white boy– Good evening, sir. Pardon me. Bullshit. I ain’t gotta sound like that to be smart. I can talk any way I want. That’s right, son! Don’t let the white man tell you what to do. It’s interesting, I say, that … Continue reading Proper English

To Read or To Live?

Resistance to being taught isn’t a matter of principle, an act of will, a choice. It’s a condition; a symptom of this system, these times we’re living. We claim to have made learning a right for all, when in truth, there is equity in education, like there are hot days in Antarctica. We say we’ve come too long a way to need a mention of … Continue reading To Read or To Live?

Who You Calling a Drop Out?

I just met a kid who transferred to our school because his old school didn’t care that the reason he was absent so much last year was that his mother was battling cancer. He’s here now, brilliant and strong, and his mother kicked cancer’s ass, and that old school can kiss mine, ‘Cause this kid’s going to college. You feel me? Continue reading Who You Calling a Drop Out?