Stand Up! Fight Back!

America has long mastered oppression, subjugation– the art of war on her minorities, waged through conquest, slavery, rape, lynchings, segregation, mass incarceration, the too many weapons wielded against those too vulnerable, too inadequately armed to counter such tactics of systematic torture and annihilation, the likes of which are hard to find outside the borders of America, the land of the free. But worst of all … Continue reading Stand Up! Fight Back!

Our Truth

Don’t believe them, when they tell you that I saved your life the day we met in Montego Bay, and everything in the world turned upside down, and stayed that way– until we turned it right side up, having won that vicious battle to prove to one and all that we were meant to be a family. Don’t believe them, when they tell you that … Continue reading Our Truth

Our God of Many Names

Don’t know much about the Universe– how She functions, how Her longevity and health are measured, how exactly She is made. But I know that the Soul of the Universe connects to all souls, wherever they may reside, and that it is in these connections, that Her secrets lie, and these connections are what make the Universe as magical and powerful as She is. Don’t … Continue reading Our God of Many Names


Forty-two years ago, my father put his wife and two children on an airplane headed to the sea– because he could afford to get them things they wanted, make things happen, satisfy himself, let them go. He’d stay behind for work, he’d told them. But, really, it was so he could spend uninterrupted time with his new mistress. He drove away from the airport, smoking … Continue reading Maryam

The Yearning of the Artist

They say real artists create because they must, because the act itself of creation is the very air we breathe. The artist cannot exist without something to create, they say. And it is true that most won’t deny the correlation between creation and contentment, between a finished work and peace of mind. But no number of written pages, or used up clay, or paint laden … Continue reading The Yearning of the Artist